I just have a clear feeling that we’re gonna have a cold winter this year. Because you know what they say; ‘You get icy winters of very hot summers’. I really don’t know who said this, but I believe it immediately. These last two weeks are cold. Ice cold! And since I like them to be well prepared for everything that is coming this winter, I’m looking for a good, solid, stylish, functional, unique, warm, soft, skin-friendly and above all PRETTY wintercoat. I started looking and I put 10 pieces for you which is winterready.

There are three major trends that play a role at this moment when choosing your winter coat: the faux fur coat, the (semi) long wool coat and the down jacket. Ideally I want all of them, so I can also listen to my mood andvibes of that day when choosing a coat, but my bank account and my inner me says one is enough, Tugba.
Okay here we go ..
winterjassen Faux für coat with leopardprint – Zara €89.95
Silver coat– IVY PARK €169.95
Alaska Down – G-STAR €399.95
Faux für coat aubergine – Modström €179.95
Coat– Tommy Hilfiger €329.95 winterjassen-deel2Plaid wool coat- Mango€119.95
Long wool coat – H&M €129
Halflong faux für jas – Oakwood €199.95
Double breasted coat– H&M €99.95
Coat – Ivy & Oak €239.95

Important when buying a winter coat is that you are aware of your own body figure and what you are planning for the winter. Going on skiing? then choose, for example, an outdoor jacket instead of a faux fur coat. Of course it’s true that not all jackets are equally thick. If you love layers, then the coat really does not have to be that thick. But overall the most important thing; choose a coat that you feel most comfortable in, of course with a bit of feedback from your friends 😉

Happy winter all!