I love spending my time browsing Insta(too much if you ask me). The  other day I found a real cool post about the campaign #makeyourmark by Missguided. You might know the brand if you shop online frequently (guilty as charged). I personally like this brand, they’re always on trend and affordable. And then I came across their latest campaign! A-ma-zing! The campaign is on trend with the  #makeyourmark and #keeponbeingyou phrases. This campaigns puts different types of women in the spotlight. Missguided already stopped photoshopping stretchmarks from their models. With this campaign they show a different kind of beauty than the standard. With the catchphrases ‘keep on being you‘ they set the tone: you’re beautiful as you are and own it! Every ‘Missguided Babe’ tells about what makes her unique and gives them confidence.

tinar_for_missguided_make_your_mark_canpaignI really enjoyed watching the different clips. It’s refreshing to see a different type of woman be the role model that often doesn’t meet our society’s beauty standards. Women with different bodies, stretchmarks, cellulite, big breasts, freckles you name it. And they all show how comfortable they are with themselves and honestly, that’s really beautiful to watch.   I love  diversity and the beautiful thing about this campaign is that they really show different types of women. Not only by their looks, but also their style, profession and interests. I love it! I don’t have anything against the Victoria’s Secret type models with the so called perfect figure, but I do find it important that it’s not the only beauty standard. So two thumbs up Missguided! What do you guys think of the campaign?

Clip 1: Make your mark

Tinar Dandajena, the curvy model on a mission to teach others to love their own body as much she does her own.

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