Recently we recieved two wonderful Mellola bracelets. For those who aren’t familiar with this particular jewelry line; A driven Melissa Tolud is the one who developed this successful jewelry line for women (inter) nationally. A Mellola is a jewel that will make you radiate strength and gives you the self confidencethat you need sometimes.


Tolud’s mission is to inspire women to empower themselves by staying in their comfort zone. Wearing a Mellola bracelet and/or necklace contributes to this. I fimd the jewelry line unique and the bracelets have great quality. The bracelets immediately stand out next to the other jewelry in my jewelry box. I like my jewelry to be seen, but it’s also a nice extra when it has a good inspiring story that you can share with other women.


The Mellola’s are available in different beautiful colors. So you can choose whether you wear Mellola with a chic, classy or just sporty outfit. My favorites are the mint green and salmon pink bracelets. I wear these two ‘Butterflies’ to a fashion event.


This is a truly statement piece of jewelry. Do you want a real Mellola click here to shop and give your inner power a boost, woman! You can order yours now with 20% discount untill the 22th of October.

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