Ladies beware, the gadgets are not just for men. Beauty is becoming more and more digitized for woman too, how convenient! I recently received the Remington REVEAL facial cleansing brush. This face wash device allows for more time and discipline in my hectic life. To clean my face, I used too use a few cotton pads with facial cleansing lotion and then I washed it with water. Now, all I need is 60 seconds!


Your face can be divided into three zones: the T-zone, the rightside and the leftside. This beauty gadget has a timer for one minute and stops every 20 seconds for half a second, so you know when to clean another facezone’s. The device is adjustable to three different speeds and you can use it 30 times, when you fully charge it. What also makes the device attractive is that you can use the brush in the shower, because it’s water resistant. Before I use the device, I put some cleansing lotion on my face. Which one? simply just one of Hema;)


De Remington REVEAL facial brush has thee different brushes; For normal skin, sensitive skin and a massage brush. Although my skin is very sensitive, I tested all three of them. The brush for normal skin is a little rougher than the brush for sensitive skin, which I think is perfect on the T-zone. The Massage brush I use once or twice a week to relax.


I clean the brushes with warm water to reuse it next time. You need to replace the brushes after three months when used on a daily basis.


You can say that I am satisfied with the Remington REVEAL facial cleansing brush. It took some time getting used to it at first, but after a few uses, I wouldn’t go to work without using it. So, Yes, a recommendation!

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