I really like beautiful nails. And especially when you can get a beautiful look easy. I’ve tested the Bubble nailart by Pupa before and was a very satisfied customer at the time. Now I recieved one of the newest nailart sets by Pupa, the Crazy Crystals. First of, the color is amazing! The finish of the nailpolish is pretty awesome too. Subtle glitters over a beautiful nail color. Do you want these nails? Read below for a step by step how to use the crazy crystals set!


How to
The set contains 1 nailpolish, the crazy crystals and a brush. image

Step 1: Paint your nails with the nailpolish of Pupa image

Step 2: When you paint the your nails with the second layer of nailpolish, sprinkle the Crazy Crystals over your (still wet) painted nails.


Step 3: Shake the excess Crazy Crystals of your nails. When you see ’empty’ spots left on your nails, you can sprinkle a bit more Crazy Crystals over your nails.

Step 4: Use the brush to remove excess Crazy Crystals from your fingers and cuticles.


And tadaaa: your Crazy Crystals nails or ready to go!

Pupa Crazy Crystals nail art set is available HERE.