So in my last post, I told you guys I was ready for my ‘big chop.’ I was done with my darling braid outs and I was ready to see my curls in their full journey. I’ve been visiting the same hairdresser for almost 10 years. Since I haven’t seen him during my 8 months of transitioning I thought it might be nice to do my ‘big chop’ at his salon. I was expecting to cry when my hairdresser would cut off my long relaxed tresses. And I wouldn’t have any length to do my hairstyle to go: the braid out. But most important; a high bun. 

But this went a whole lot different than I expected. His reaction to me cutting all my relaxed ends, wasn’t nice. He told me it would be better for me to transition for another year. Thank God I brought my Curly Girl Lana with me so she could help me deal with all of this unpredicted drama. He started to cut my hair. I saw hair everywhere, but was still feeling ok. He didn’t want to cut all the ends of, but I thought my hair looked horrible like this. So he cut a bit more. Sprayed some product in my hair, and was like done. I’ve gotten to know my hair very well in the past eight months. What kind of products to use, my texture…But I was left with a dry, brittle, frizzy mess. I was happy that I brought my own gel and Bobby pins to quick fix this disaster. I couldn’t wait to get home and give my natural hair the treatment it truly deserved.

After I used my own products, I felt my fabulous curls popping up. After I did my hair, I was happy with my reflection in the mirror. Ofcourse I still have to get used to my short hair, but as long as my hair looks good, we good.

I’ll continue my Natural Hair Journey. Healthy and long hair are my goals. I still follow the Curly Girl method and it works great for me. I’ve measured my hair and it’s about 10 centimeters. The next Natural Hair Journey update I will review some products I’m using and ofcourse my tips & tricks!