I’m back with another Natural Hair Journey post! Everything is still going well and my hair has never been so healthy. But with healthy curly hair, also comes shrinkage. They say that the healthier the hair, the more shrinkage. But I think it’s a combination of different factors, because it also depends on your hair type. But I do have shrinkage. I didn’t really mind, but I don’t have a model cut in my hair, so I really don’t like how my natural hair dries up with shrinkage. I do use braid outs as a way to stretch my hair, but it’s time consuming, so I don’t feel like doing this all the time. But then I came across the banding method, and I kid you not, this is my go to hairstyle right now! It’s so easy, not damaging for your natural hair and you have ‘longer’ hair overnight. The only thing you need are hairbands ( I use 4 to 8, but this depends on your hair length ofcourse). The longer your hair, the more you will need. I do the banding method on a dry wash  and go. You can also do it wet hair, but you will have less definition. I really hope this clip on the banding method on type 3c/4 hair is helpfull. It’s in Dutch, but it really explains itself. Enjoy!