Hi, my name is Dulce and I’m a product junkie.

When I just started with my Natural Hair Journey, I was trying to find the right products for my hair. In December I started with the Curly Girl Method, and therefore started buying new products.
First I bought the Black Beauty Box. After that I bought a couple of full sizes and shampoo and conditioner of Curls. After this I also got the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie because I read so much great reviews.

Hair porosity
And then came the day that I my hair just felt disgusting. Brittle dry, and I had no clue what was going on. I did one thing differently; I used coconut oil to seal my leave in conditioner instead of pumpkin oil. Apparently my hair cant deal with it. These 6 months I thought I had high porosity, but instead I just found out I have low porosity hair. Summary: my hair cuticles lay flat, so moisture doesn’t leave or enter my hair easily. You can test your porosity by using the test shown below. Or you can spray some water on your clean hair. Does the water pearl up? Then it’s very likely you have low porosity. If your hair sucks up the water immediately, you most likely have high porosity hair.

Hair Elasticity
Also my hair elasticity was pretty much non existent, so I had to tweak my hair regimen. My hair had a protein overload, which can cause hair damage. So what to do? Yups, buying new products ofcourse. You can easily test your hair elasticity. Take a shedded wet hair and stretch it between your fingers. Does it stretch endlessky before its snaps? Your hair is over moisturized and could use some protein. Does your jair snap immediatly or very fast? Than your hair is craving for hydration and is it best to lay low on the protein.

When I checked my vanity space in my room I laughed. I could nearly start my own hair shop! But now my ‘hair shop’ is more balanced out. On he one side moisturizing products without protein and on the other side products with protein. This way I can change up my regimen at any given moment and give my hair what it needs.

Natural Hair Journey tips
– Start with finding out your hair porosity. This can help when you’re shopping for products and reduces the chance of buying the wrong products.

– Also check your hair elasticity. Do you need more protein or moisture? Comes in handy when yo’re buying products.

– I would definetly recommend the Curly Girl Method. No sulfates, silicones or drying alcohols for this lady!

– Make sure you have an hair regimen for yourself. What are your wash days? How often do you co- wash? And how do you care for your hair on a daily basis?

For me these are musthave products:
A good shampoo
Hair Mask
Leave In conditioner
Optional: hair cream

Product Reviews
I’ve added some more products to my hair regimen because I had a protein overload. I’ve purchased the leave in of Kinky Curly, a condtioner out the low porosity line from Shea Moisture. I didn’t really tweak the rest of my products because those don’t or barily contain protein.

 –Leave in Kinky Curly: I love this product, I don’t need much of it and it makes detangling my hair a lot easier.
Shea Moisture curl enhancing smootie: also a great product, but I have to use a little because of the protein. It’s also a heavy product, but my curls love them. They’re more defined.
Shea Moisture Low porosity Conditioner: I don’t like this product too much. Yes it does moisturize your hair, but it doesn’t add any slip so I can easily detangle my hair. It does give a fresh and tingeling sensation, but I won’t be buying this conditioner anymore.
Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Hydration Masque: this mask recieves a 10 out of 10! I use it every week for 30 minutes and as a result I have super soft hair. Also a big plus; I can easily detangle my hair.

To big chop or not…
This month I’m more obsessed with my curls and the ‘big chop’ than ever. My goal is to keep transitioning for a year to gain more length, but Inhav emy doubts if I’ll have enough patience for that. My new growth is around 10 centimeters. Below a picture of my length goal. But I also saw a lady rocking her short fro and I really loved that. But I know me. I’ll be walking around for 3 days feeling all fabulous, and after tht I will miss my length and play with my wigs and extensions. So just a little bit more patience!