After the show of INKNI and Kaho-To, I was able to go backstage and interview Kaho-To. By the tame I was able to get backstage the models were changed in their own clothes already. Bummer. But the hair and make-up was still intact. Th models make up made them look a bit sick. But hey, if there were aliens crawling out of my body, I don’t think would look that peachy either! The models with European hair had a messy wetlook updo. The ones with black hair..Well let me put it this way. When you’re a model sometimes you have to do stuff that aren’t good for your skin or hair(read: stylists using hot styling tools for example) but these models had pure hairspray in their hair! Rock solid. Very damaging for black hair and honestly people who know our kinda hair, would’ve never used this. But hey, the effect is spectacular! kaho to kleinWhile I’m waiting for Kaho-To, I got to chat withe models. They really enjoyed walking this show. But more important; the designs were comfortable to wear. It’s cool to do shows, but it’s even better if the designs are comfortable ofcourse. 

Kaho- To is  super cute! A really nice and smart designer. ‘Transdimensional’  is his debute at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The collection is based on the movie ‘Under the skin’ and is about aliens taking over planet earth. Hence the black, burned material in the beginning of the show. The aliens can’t stand our atmosphere.kaho to klein 2What makes you stand out from other designers in the Netherlands?  
‘I have a background in tailored made clothing, therefore my technique is very strong. I designed and made this collection myself. I think that, especially with suits, I can make a woman look very powerful. In this collection I’ve used male patterns and draped them on to the female body.I also think it’s very important that a collection can be worn in different seasons.kaho to klein3When I ask him why he only went for 12 looks he says: ‘ I created around 30 looks, but I didn’t want to show everything at the same time. And sometimes it’s better not to show everything in one collection. Not everything complimented the collection. Designing is a process, things change.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean HELLO if  a Valentino or Jean Paul Gaultier takes pieces out of a collection because Anna Wintour checks their collection inadvance, why wouldn’t you? We need a Dutch Anna! 😉

I also appreciated the fact that such a young designer could show his vision this good with his collection. With the Fashion Lab shows I always find that a bit tricky. ‘I see my colections being worn by powerwomen. Not necessarily as a whole, but seperate pieces. My designs aren’t for everyday life. Well, actually they are, IF you’re confident. The reason why my designs look masculine, is because I think comfort lies in menswear. And because fashion is becoming more unisex, this is also wearable day by day.’  

If we’re lucky, Kaho-To’s designs will be available in stores soon!