Last Tuesday I AM mode went to the launch of the first Marktplaats Goldmine collection. I AM Mode is approached because we are of course fashion-influencers and we really do have treasures in our closet. This task was for Tuğba, so she did it! The Marktplaats Goldmine Collection is a unique collection assembled by 52 Dutch top fashion and lifestyle influencers from their own wardrobe.

Because Tuğba is one of the best fashion influencers, she was approached for an pre interview along with two other ladies. It was a very hectic and especially nice day. It was very nice to meet 52 (!) Dutch fashion influencers. It was also interesting to see all the gold mine pieces. Very different and at the same time all of them were special. From expensive brands to creative combos. Sport, casual, chic, glamor; this collection is a reflection of what the average Dutch fashionista has in her wardrobe. When we arrived, Tuğba went straight to hair and make-up. The glam team ensured hair and makeup matched the glamorous Dash dress, which Tuğba last spring bought at the DASH store in New York City. The shop of none other than the Kardashian sisters!


Before the show Tuğba had some catwalk lessons of Holland Next Top Model contestant Dionne. As expected, Tuğba was a natural. Yes this must be said, hahaha. Dionne adviced and helped the ladies with their signature walk on the catwalk. After a few photo shoots and a few hours beyond the time had come! The hall was packed. No less than stylist Fred van Leer presented the show. His cheerful introductions and comments on the outfits of fashion influencers made the show very nice.


Several prizes were awarded. The person with the most striking outfit won the prize of 20,000 euros banner advertising on Marketplace. In addition, there are two prices, and there YOU have influence. The two outfits that generate the most money, namely to win a prize. So bid on your favorite items.marktplaats_goudmijn_collectie-113 Also, you’re holding a gold mine in your own wardrobe. Dive into your closet and put the clothes you no longer wear on This is where your your role in sustainability begins, it also give your clothes a new life and you can make another one much more happy with your clothes! Tuğba has offered a glamorous dress from the DASH store to auction. In addition, white sneakers of Hennes, a black bag of Mudo and beautiful pearl earrings Ti Sento. And of course you want that beautiful outfit Tuğba, so offer it!

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