Endless Jewelry  added new jewelry to their fall/winter collection. Just like the other jewelry collections, Endless Jewelry teamed up with no one less than Jennifer Lopez. Personally I’m a fan of Jennifer and I’m definitely a fan of her jewelry collection!

endless jewelry I AM ModeThe collection consists of leather bracelets. The bangles are added separately. So you can make the bracelet as unique as you like. I chose the black bracelet. Also handy; the closure is magnetic. So no wrestling with taking the bracelet of or putting it on. Hello haven’t e all at least struggled with this problem once?

20150826_154134.jpg wordt weergegeven

I like how the bracelet goes with anything. The bangles are really chic while the bracelet gives it an edgy touch.  Endless Jewelry I AM ModeHave a look at the entire Endless Jewelry collection here.