Nata Ryzh who, in our opinion, showed one of the finest collections during Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2013, shared all the details about her amazing collection with us! After the show we were allowed to take a peek backstage to see the outfits up close and speak with Nata about ‘Shambala’.

You’ve named your collection Shambala. What does Shambala means?
“Shambala comes from the word Shan-Grila, which is a peaceful and legendary place somewhere in middle Asia, where all your dreams come true.”

What kind of fabrics did you used for this collection?
I used silk, cotton and synthetic fabrics. But the thing is that I printed all the prints myself. The prints are actually pictures of objects that surround me, like the curtains in my house. I used the kaleidoscope and I moved the image a few times until it created very interesting patterns that for me kind of represent a human look. It’s a seventies inspired collection with all the happy prints.”

For what kind of woman you have designed the outfits?
I did want to make it more wearable. Of course it’s a show so I had to make it more than that. A woman who enjoys luxury products and loves to look more feminine. I also designed for the kind of woman who dares to wear prints. I would like to see more women to wear prints. I don’t wear prints as often myself, but every outfit that I designed I’d love to wear!”

Describe Shambala with 3 words.
“Colorful, luxurious and happiness.”

Which piece is your favorite outfit of this collection?
“I don’t have just one favorite hahaha. There is a difference for me in what I would love to wear and what I would love to wear for a special occasion. The final gown is definitely my favorite. This was a simple version of a wedding dress. It was a new way of looking at wedding dresses for me, because it was not completely white. I don’t know why people always assume that you have to wear white on your wedding day. If I would marry one day I would choose a dress that is a little bit of the usual and which isn’t a traditional white dress.”

Where can we buy your collection?
People can directly contact me if they’re interested in the collection. At the moment it isn’t available in stores, but I am working on that.”

What is the price range of the outfits from your collection?
That depends on which kind of fabric I used for the outfit. For a printed and silk evening gown I ask like 800 euros, which is the retail price. For a daily outfit you can think about 200 euros per item. It is affordable, because I think it’s also important that an occasion outfit should be affordable.”

We are totally in love with every piece of the Shambala collection! We wish Nata all the luck in her career and are looking forward to see more of Nata’s work!

Click here to see the whole Shambala collection of Nata Ryzh.