This Look of the Week is a bit of a hopeful style inspiration. With the beautiful weather past week that gave us a hint of Summer. Totally perfect for this weather; the shorts. I personally love shorts, almost every short pants from hotpants to culottes. What I like about them? You can wear them super casual or classy. Either way, the shorts are a sexy item.


With high heels and a jacket your look is sexy and classy at the same time. I alsoo really like the body. I like cut outs, but they don't work for everyone, including yours truly. With this body, you get to show some skin without getting tacky. In a less glamorous mood, but still want to leave the house looking fab? Replace the jacket for a denim jacket and the heels for loafers. In the casual version of this look I've chosen some padded items, just to give the look a more playful feel. Pff and with these sunnies by Flor Amazona you can finish every look! How fab! What do you guys think of this Look of the Week?

The Look

Shorts -H&M €29,99

Colbert- Wallis €54,95

Purse -Mango €49,95

Body- Even & Odd €19,95 Slingbacks- River Island €79,95

Denim jack- Topshop €69,95 Sunglasses - Flor Amazona €235 Loafers - Zara €29,95

Earrings- River Island €8


David Paulus is one of I AM Mode's favorite designers from the Netherlands. We got to meet his creativity at the start of I AM Mode. Last year we helped backstage with the styling of his 'Pop Art' collection show. David is not someone to kick back and relax for too long. But this time he's been busy with something different. He started the Curacao Fashion &Design Course, a course where students learn about fashion and design. We got curious and interviewed him about Curacao FDC. curacao fdc 1Where did you get the idea to start Curacao FDC?  'I was born on Curacao and I went back a lot the past 5 years. In these 5 years I saw how creative people are on Curacao. This goes from painting to fashion. People love fashion, and I really wanted to share what I've learned with them. And on Curacao there's no course available for all the fashion lovers. So that's where I got the idea.'curacoa fdc 3

What do the students learn during the Curacao FDC course? 'I've helped them with how to start a collection, making moodboards, stylesheets, design and a bit of fashion history. The course is suitable for beginners and people with a basic knowledge of sowing.'

What was the highlight of this season of Curacao FDC? 'My highlight was the results the students presented. I was pleasantly surprised with how the designs turned out. And I had a great group. The FDC got a lot of local attention in the media, which makes me very proud ofcourse.'   

What did you learn from the students during Curacao FDC? 'Well I learned a lot about communication and my patience was seriously tested hahaha. Things tend to go a bit too relaxed in Curacao sometimes.'curacao fdc 5Is this the first and final season or can we expect a second one? 'Yes, I had a lot of positive feedback, so I'm allready busy with a second season in September. The first season filled up quickly. After al the submissions closed, a lot of people still wanted to participate. With a secon season, I want to give this group a chance to aplly in time and follow the course. For now I'm sticking to Curacao only. I've got the idea that there are enough courses about fashion in other countries. And because Curacao is my place of birth, I like to give back this way'.  curacoa fdc 4

Looking back on the course; what do you like to do the most? Designing or teaching? 'I really like both, I get inspired by designing a collection myself and teaching the students about designing! It's nice to share my knowledge and to inspire others to create something themselves. When I design an entire collection, it's about me. In the Curacao FDC course it's all about the students and their designs. I really loved that I could contributein this way.'

See the designs created by the students of Curacao FDC below!

For more information or to apply: Pictures by Uriel Symor

Ladies beware, the gadgets are not just for men. Beauty is becoming more and more digitized for woman too, how convenient! I recently received the Remington REVEAL facial cleansing brush. This face wash device allows for more time and discipline in my hectic life. To clean my face, I used too use a few cotton pads with facial cleansing lotion and then I washed it with water. Now, all I need is 60 seconds!


Your face can be divided into three zones: the T-zone, the rightside and the leftside. This beauty gadget has a timer for one minute and stops every 20 seconds for half a second, so you know when to clean another facezone's. The device is adjustable to three different speeds and you can use it 30 times, when you fully charge it. What also makes the device attractive is that you can use the brush in the shower, because it's water resistant. Before I use the device, I put some cleansing lotion on my face. Which one? simply just one of Hema;)


De Remington REVEAL facial brush has thee different brushes; For normal skin, sensitive skin and a massage brush. Although my skin is very sensitive, I tested all three of them. The brush for normal skin is a little rougher than the brush for sensitive skin, which I think is perfect on the T-zone. The Massage brush I use once or twice a week to relax.


I clean the brushes with warm water to reuse it next time. You need to replace the brushes after three months when used on a daily basis.


You can say that I am satisfied with the Remington REVEAL facial cleansing brush. It took some time getting used to it at first, but after a few uses, I wouldn't go to work without using it. So, Yes, a recommendation!

eindresultaat 1

You can find more information about the REVEAL collection of Remington on

This month I recieved another product to try out for Estée Lauder, the Day Wear. Exactly what I needed, because I was just about to buy a new day cream. For perfect timing, Estée Lauder receives an A+ ;)estee lauder daywear

I really love make up, but I also leave the house without anything on( well rarely, but still). Or I'll opt for a super natural look with a BB cream, lipgloss and mascara.

Natural Look The Estée Lauder DayWear is perfect for a natural look. It's a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. And it feels great on my skin. The fresh cucumber scent is also a treat in the morning. I apply the DayWear on a carefully cleaned face. It's a rich cream, so I don't need much to cover my entire face. The cream is white but changes color when in contact with the skin.daywear estee lauder And that's where it goes wrong. The texture of the cream is perfect, it smoothens my skin and my red spots seem to have disappeared. Ut gives an instant freshness to my face. But the color...I know that I need sun but I really look grey-ish. I'll give the cream some time to adjust to my fabulous color.Estee Lauder daywear finish

Finish After my boyfriend tells me I look pale, that does it. The DayWear isn't adjusting to the color of my skin sufficiently. The color is easily corrected with my MAC powder( I've been faking my skin color the entire winter, big whoop)and add some highlighter on my skin. Conclusion? After trying this cream for a week, I really like how it feels and my skin is really soft. But it's not really fit for a darker skin. Too bad because I would've loved this for Summer!

We love fashion, ofcourse you know that by now. But how much do you know about your favorite designers? The last couple of years a lot has changed in the fashion world. Switch of designers, new designers entering the market, or oldies stirring up some contreversy. Today I share some of my favorite designers with you. In the spotlight this week: Ralph&Russo, Marchesa and Dolce & Gabbana.

Ralph & Russo. Ralph & Russo is definately one of my favorite fashion houses. This fashion house  started in 2007, so is still very young. They create beautiful, feminine designs with a lot of eye for detail. Wearable high fashion, under the lead of creative director Tamara Ralph. Ze runs Ralph &Russo together with Russo, hence the name. This fashion house became more famous after they designed an outfit for Beyoncé's performance in the White House. And they also designed the outfits for her 'Miss Carter'tour. The last collection the've designed, is their Coutoure Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Simply stunning! ralph-_-russo-ss16-look-31-thumb

Picture: Ralph & RussoTamara-Ralph-Michael-Russo-2-vogue-20jun14-pr_bPicture: Vogue

Marchesa. Marchesa exists since 2004. When I hear Marchesa, luxury, royalty, wealth and award season comes to mind. Marchesa is founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. To me, the're a machtch made in heaven. And Marchesa is also a much wanted name in the bridal department. I find that their collections are classic and modern at the same time. The last collection the've shown is their Fall 2016 Ready to Wear collection.  Marchesa ss16 ready to wear

Picture: Voguedesigners marchesaPicture: Georgina Chapman

Dolce& Gabbana. This Italian fashion house is a well known fashion brand, or hell even an empire if you ask me. Every season Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana make us happy with a beautiful collection. Sometimes with some contreversy. Like with their Spring/Summer 2015 collection  where family and especially the mom were the focus. The traditional family that is. Despite the contreversy, Dolce&Gabbana is a succes. The sicillian culture is an important and constant factor in their colections. The last collection the've shown is their Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection. In this collection they show that high fashion and being a modern day princess is no issue! dolce-and-gabbana-fall-winter-2016-17-women-fashion-show-runway-961-800x533Picture: Dolce & Gabbana


Do you have damaged or dry hair? Since the birth of my little one, my hair got even worse. It’s very important that my hair stays well hydrated and nourished. Besides drinking enough water and eating healthy (ahem), it’s also important to start with the base: shampoo and conditioning. Dove developed a new line especially for the repair of extreme damaged hair.Dove Regenerate RepairI love the packaging already: tubes that are upside down already. No bottles turned in the bathroom anymore! ;) I started with the Dove Regenerate Repair Shampoo. The shampoo is infused with red algae and keratine complex, which have a hydrating and nourishing effect. Because I use a lot of styling products, I put the shampoo on only my scalp first for 30 minutes. This is before I start washing my hair. The shampoo is creamy and foams well. Because I don’t have European hair, it’s very important that the shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair or tangles it. Well, the shampoo passes with flying colors for this one! After washing my hair I use the Regenerate Repair Conditioner. I divide it from my roots to end. While I let the conditioner do it’s job, I put on a facemask. After I rinsed my hair, I can easily detangle my hair.dove regenerate Repair 2

The shampoo is mild enough to use on a daily basis, but if your hair is really damaged and dry, I wouldn’t recommend it. My hair is clean and soft and feels great. Off to a great head of healthy hair!

Dove Regenerate Repair 3

The Dove Regenerate Repair line is available for €5,99.

When it comes to makeup products, I often switch brands. Because one is good in mascara and the other in foundation that matches the best with my skin. Recently I came in touch with Delilah cosmetics. This is a luxury beauty brand that is  becoming  the brand that belongs to one of the best makeup brands at the market. And I'm not the type that can say this easily. The strategy of Delilah is that they stick to the capsule collection which they've developed. They do not launch a new collection every season, but they continue to invest and believe in the 19 products they already have. Well, this said..2016-04-07 20.26.53

One of my favorite makeup must-have product is a good blush, which I always have with me everywhere in my purse. A good blush is the one that makes you look fresh and create a natural look. I have tested the compact powder blush of Delilah, which comes in a luxurious velvet bag. And I can tell you right now; this is the product for a perfect blush!2016-04-07 20.24.36I tested out the Lullaby version of the compact powder blush (€ 32.50). You do need a good brush for applying the blush on your cheeks. You can choose to use the professional brush of Delilah. For a healthy and therefore more naturally flushed look, apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it backward to the top of your cheeks. Tip: smile to aim your apple cheeks. If you like a sculpted look, bring the blush along the top of the cheekbone and then a little tighter to the side of both cheeks.

PhotoGrid_1460011934463The makeup is dermatologically tested, not on animals, environmentally friendly produced and naturally free of parabens. Delilah cosmetics can be obtained from a range of spa and beauty salons and in the high-end barbershops. In Amsterdam you can buy Delilah cosmetics at the beauty salon Babassu Skin & Spa or at the website Prices range from € 25, - to € 60, -.2016-04-07 20.25.06

This product of Delilah has me interested in the rest of the collection! I really love it.2016-04-07 20.26.27

Since last month I'm one of Glamours Beautylovers Estee Lauder. Which pretty much entails that I get to review a new product every month. This time I've received the Perfectly Clean facial cleanser.Glamour beautylover

The base for beauty is a beautiful skin. Ofcourse your diet and vitamins are very important, but especially when you wear make up, it's important to cleanse your face every night. Nothing fancy about a leather skin with big pores.

I have the red spots on my skin and I've got to be honest that I haven't been pampering myself lately. I also wanted to test if I could rinse all the make up from my face with only the cleanser. This was no issue! The cleanser feels rich and creamy on my skin. Another great pro is that the cleanser can also be used as a facial mask. 3 minutes on your skin and rinse of. How simple is that?glamour beauty lover perfectly clean mask

The package of the perfect Cleanser says that you can use it in the morning and evening. Personally, I only clean my face with a cleanser at night. In the morning water will do.


Overall I'm really happy with the Perfect Cleanser. Super easy and it feels amazing on my skin. A great base for a beautiful skin!

Barbie: who doesn't know her. The first style icon for  a lot of little girls (and boys). Also mine, as shown on the picture below. Just turned 4 years old and rocking my 80's style outfit.   And yes with my first barbie, waffle hair and scrunchy included. Even now Barbie is still an inspiration for the fashion world. Remember the SS15 collection of MOSCHINO? Barbie anything is possible

Today Barbie is more than just a fashion icon. Barbie has emancipated. Not only the beauty, but also the brains. Mattel wants to show that Barbie inspires girls to become whatever they want. Vet, professor at the university; you name it, the sky is the limit! YOU CAN BE ANYTHING

 No longer is Barbie just a doll with the 'perfect'sizes. Worldwide there are Barbies with 4 body types, 7 different skin colors, 22 eye colors and 25 different hair styles available. Barbie is the doll that every girl wants to play with and inspires them to become whatever they want. Mattel has launched a new campaign to illustrate this. Watch the movie here!  

On the best day of your life, you also want to your lingerie at it's best! Therefore Passionata has released a bridal collection, in which you can feel sexy, confident and comfortable. This French lingerie brand knows how to seduce your significant other. The collection is very sweet, with a touch of glamour. When I saw the campaign images, I was immediately very excited. Cartoon details and the beautiful models with their statement looks, makes this whole collection a musthave collection in your closet. Even if you're not really going to get married. My favorite is the black set, where both the bra and the panties is partly decorated with lace.

Passionata is one of the better-known lingerie brands that are inter alia obtainable from Livera and De Bijenkorf. Are you curious about the other exciting collections of Passionata, click HERE.