Last Tuesday I AM mode went to the launch of the first Marktplaats Goldmine collection. I AM Mode is approached because we are of course fashion-influencers and we really do have treasures in our closet. This task was for Tuğba, so she did it! The Marktplaats Goldmine Collection is a unique collection assembled by 52 Dutch top fashion and lifestyle influencers from their own wardrobe. Because Tuğba is one of the best fashion influencers, she was approached for an pre interview along with two other ladies. It was a very hectic and especially nice day. It was very nice to meet 52 (!) Dutch fashion influencers. It was also interesting to see all the gold mine pieces. Very different and at the same time all of them were special. From expensive brands to creative combos. Sport, casual, chic, glamor; this collection is a reflection of what the average Dutch fashionista has in her wardrobe. When we arrived, Tuğba went straight to hair and make-up. The glam team ensured hair and makeup matched the glamorous Dash dress, which Tuğba last spring bought at the DASH store in New York City. The shop of none other than the Kardashian sisters! 20161129_132717_1480786964993 Before the show Tuğba had some catwalk lessons of Holland Next Top Model contestant Dionne. As expected, Tuğba was a natural. Yes this must be said, hahaha. Dionne adviced and helped the ladies with their signature walk on the catwalk. After a few photo shoots and a few hours beyond the time had come! The hall was packed. No less than stylist Fred van Leer presented the show. His cheerful introductions and comments on the outfits of fashion influencers made the show very nice. marktplaats_goudmijn_collectie-59 Several prizes were awarded. The person with the most striking outfit won the prize of 20,000 euros banner advertising on Marketplace. In addition, there are two prices, and there YOU have influence. The two outfits that generate the most money, namely to win a prize. So bid on your favorite items.marktplaats_goudmijn_collectie-113 Also, you're holding a gold mine in your own wardrobe. Dive into your closet and put the clothes you no longer wear on This is where your your role in sustainability begins, it also give your clothes a new life and you can make another one much more happy with your clothes! Tuğba has offered a glamorous dress from the DASH store to auction. In addition, white sneakers of Hennes, a black bag of Mudo and beautiful pearl earrings Ti Sento. And of course you want that beautiful outfit Tuğba, so offer it! tugba-cetin marktplaats_goudmijn_collectie-118 picsplay_1480786841876 marktplaats_goudmijn_collectie-96
I just have a clear feeling that we're gonna have a cold winter this year. Because you know what they say; 'You get icy winters of very hot summers'. I really don't know who said this, but I believe it immediately. These last two weeks are cold. Ice cold! And since I like them to be well prepared for everything that is coming this winter, I'm looking for a good, solid, stylish, functional, unique, warm, soft, skin-friendly and above all PRETTY wintercoat. I started looking and I put 10 pieces for you which is winterready. There are three major trends that play a role at this moment when choosing your winter coat: the faux fur coat, the (semi) long wool coat and the down jacket. Ideally I want all of them, so I can also listen to my mood andvibes of that day when choosing a coat, but my bank account and my inner me says one is enough, Tugba. Okay here we go .. winterjassen Faux für coat with leopardprint – Zara €89.95 Silver coat– IVY PARK €169.95 Alaska Down – G-STAR €399.95 Faux für coat aubergine - Modström €179.95 Coat– Tommy Hilfiger €329.95 winterjassen-deel2Plaid wool coat- Mango€119.95 Long wool coat – H&M €129 Halflong faux für jas - Oakwood €199.95 Double breasted coat– H&M €99.95 Coat – Ivy & Oak €239.95 Important when buying a winter coat is that you are aware of your own body figure and what you are planning for the winter. Going on skiing? then choose, for example, an outdoor jacket instead of a faux fur coat. Of course it's true that not all jackets are equally thick. If you love layers, then the coat really does not have to be that thick. But overall the most important thing; choose a coat that you feel most comfortable in, of course with a bit of feedback from your friends ;) Happy winter all!
Last week, I decided that I need some me, myself and I time, with the Casmara treatment. This is a luxurious facial, with a golden detail; The mask contains 24 karat gold that revitalizes the skin! At the same time it improves the firmness of the skin and is packed with antioxidant properties. The beauty specialist Jacqueline Jongtama of Eyes 4 Beauty is one of the few in the Netherlands that offer this luxurious treatment. In its magnificent beauty house, I came immediately to rest upon entry! quotes
About the treatment.. I got an extra Casmara with love and care treatment. Jongtama first checked the conditions of the skin. She informed me about my skintype, blood flow, skin tension, moisture and sebum disorder. After this extensive analysis, I received a pre-treatment. This consisted of removing makeup, deep cleaning and a peeling. Then I got a massage: décolleté, neck and face. And finally a light tissue massage on the forehead and mouth. So far so chill, it was delicious! Before the mask treatment Jacqueline used a fruit concentrate vial, so my skin cells were activated properly.aanbrengen-en-full
The Casmara Gold Skin Sensation is a mask that is applied all over your face. Only your nostrils are open, so you can still breathe. So if you have a cold, I'd wait. At first I got a bit claustrophobic ideas when Jacqueline told me about this detail, but I must say it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. The mask was applied over the first leftside of my face, then the rightside. Then my mouth and finally my eyes. This mask is not comparable to the 2 Euro mask from the drugstore. No, this is a thick jelly, which initially feels very cold on your skin and then dries after twenty minutes. During those twenty minutes my hands were massaged accompanied by relaxing background music. For a moment it felt like I was in an exotic luxury resort. Eventually, the mask was pulled off and you could see the shape of my face. In this "jelly" mask, I saw clear evidence of my pores. My skin felt softer immediately. For the next days after the treatment several close peopleasked me how it is that my skin looked so bright and beautiful. Well, I'm sold though!
after The Golden mask is for.. The carbohydrates of these algae have the ability to solidify and form a film on the skin which exerts a certain pressure. This allows improved absorption of all previously applied active ingredients from the mask itself. This mask can be used for all skin types but has strong anti-aging properties thus particularly applicable for signs of aging. Also good to know: the Casmara treatment is for every skin type and is unisex! Check out the video for more information about this treatment that gives your skin a real boost. jac-en-ik The Casmara treatment is until now the best facial I've experienced. I will not be surprised if the Casmara masks will be a musthave in each household. Do you also want to experience this luxurious treatment or make someone happy with it? Visit the Eyes 4 Beauty website for more information!Please check our website over the next weeks, because soon you can possibly win something!

Picture credit: I AM Pixels

My natural hair journey started earlier this year. I've thought about it before, but I would still go to the hairdresser to relax my hair. I've been relaxing my hair since I was 14 years old. I've always disliked my hair. It was difficult hair, I could never find the right products and I was always dependent on other people to do my hair. Then I heard about relaxing. This is a chemical process, to straighten your hair. I thought I would have perfect hair, but still didn't have what I wanted. Just a couple of years ago I got to know my hair a bit better and it started to grow longer. And looked a lot healthier.

 After I gave birth to my son, a lot changed. I saw that my hair changed, even relaxed. In May of this year I had to cut a couple of inches of my hair after relaxing  it.

I thought of not relaxing my hair, but thinking of all the hair drama I used to have, I let the relaxer do it's job. And had to cut 5-10 cm of my hair. I was this close to crying. At this point I decided to really take good care of myself and my hair. I would moisturize and seal my hair every day, drink enough water, take extra vitamins, etc, etc. It must be possible right, healthy and long relaxed hair?

Dulce I AM Mode beach

I already had a new appointment at the hairdresser to relax my hair, but due to some circumstances, I couldn't go. And I decided to go on a last minute vacay to Spain with my little one. One day at the beach, I was rinsing my hair after I conditioned it, and I felt something funny. A very defined curl underneath my straight, relaxed hair. And even better; that hair felt so strong. I asked my mom if she could see the curls and she said yes. And there on that beach, for the first time in years, I said: 'I'm thinking about going natural'. And since then I haven't relaxed  my hair.

Read part 2 of Dulce's Natural hair journey here!

I haven't relaxed my hair since July. I've been very close to relaxing my hair, because I couldn't stand working with two different hair textures. I have my own natural hair versus the relaxed hair. In September I did boxbraids si my hair could relax a bit, and I didn't have to deal with the two different textures. My hair could grow in peace, and the big chop could wait. Because I'm still as vain as ever, and my hair has to be a certain length before I'll chop the relaxed ends of. The girl next to me on the picture below is my co- worker Lana, who played a big part in me not relaxing my hair!

Dominique of Branded by Beauty gave me the last nudge in the right direction. After I spoke to her on the phone and she told me she used to relax her hair years ago, I was certain that I wouldn't relax my hair anytime soon.  I really LOVE her hair. And she told me that there are better products for black her on the market now and that I could do great things with my hair. I'm super excited to start this journey. It might sound weird, but I haven't seen my 'own' hair in 14 years. I've been relaxing for 14 years, and haven't seen my fro in a while ;) When I look at my sons hair, I keep thinking ' his curls are so fabulous! I want that too!' And I don't want my child to grow up with the idea that because his hair is different than the standards provided by society, it's less beautiful.

My goal for now is healthy hair. I'm not saying I'll never relax, weave, wear wigs or whatever, but I do want to get to know my hair, learn more about taking care of black hair. And ofcourse learn more about styling it, so I can do it myself and share my knowledge with different women. I will share my natural hair journey here on I AM Mode in a monthly post.  So...Stay tuned!

It's fall. I hear a lot of to cheery people saying 'Oh great it's fall again!', but to be honest this is not my season. I'm more of a summer kind of gyal. Rain, wind, cold.. yuk. But sometimes, there are these beautiful days, when the sun is shining and you can go out wearing your fabulous fall outfit. The reason for this outfit? I went to the petting zoo with my little one. Always a good excuse to wear my Hunter boots. And this camel coat by Ready to Fish by Ilya is simply the best with any outfit.

I received this sweater at a fashion show of Spijkers&Spijkers during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Perfect for these lazy Sundays.

But all the fashion in the world can't compete against the great Sunday afternoon I had with my son! It's a good idea to look fabulous at the playground, because all the hot daddies are there as well ;) What do you  think of this OOTD?

The Look Coat: Ready to Fish by Ilya Sweater: SIS Pants: Zara Boots: Hunter

Recently we recieved two wonderful Mellola bracelets. For those who aren't familiar with this particular jewelry line; A driven Melissa Tolud is the one who developed this successful jewelry line for women (inter) nationally. A Mellola is a jewel that will make you radiate strength and gives you the self confidencethat you need sometimes. walk Tolud's mission is to inspire women to empower themselves by staying in their comfort zone. Wearing a Mellola bracelet and/or necklace contributes to this. I fimd the jewelry line unique and the bracelets have great quality. The bracelets immediately stand out next to the other jewelry in my jewelry box. I like my jewelry to be seen, but it's also a nice extra when it has a good inspiring story that you can share with other women. mellola1 The Mellola's are available in different beautiful colors. So you can choose whether you wear Mellola with a chic, classy or just sporty outfit. My favorites are the mint green and salmon pink bracelets. I wear these two 'Butterflies' to a fashion event. mellola4 This is a truly statement piece of jewelry. Do you want a real Mellola click here to shop and give your inner power a boost, woman! You can order yours now with 20% discount untill the 22th of October. mellola7 mellola mell

Sunday the 31th of July was B-Day: I went to the Formation World Tour Concert of Beyoncé! I went together with my brother Jamiel, with who'm I found Golden Circle Tickets. Since the concert in Amsterdam was sold out in a second (thank you Visa) we went to Brussels. Not too shabby huh? iammode at beyonce

As long as I can remember I'm a huge fan of Beyoncé. I find that she exudes so much positive energy but most of all, she's such a powerwoman. With an amazing drive and voice. And we were so happy to be a part of this!Beyonce Formation worldtour

Our Queen B wore different designers on stage. She openen with formation in an DSquared ensemble and the well known hat from the clip (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please leave this blog, watch the video clip of Formation). But also Gucci, Givenchy, Balmain and Atsuko Kudo came by during the show. She looks stunning in each and every one of the looks. In the video below youu can see the last part of the show where Beyoncé and her dancers went all out in the water. Sidenote; I had a crazy fan moment and almost helped my brothers Iphone to it's end. Which by the way didn't happen, so it's all good :)

With all these  outfits Beyoncé shows that she still is sexy. The show itself was amazing.Ofcourse the Formation World Tour was mostly about 'Lemoande' but she also took us back to the Destiny's Child Era and her previous albums. Also a beautiful gesture; she honoured Prince by playing purple rain and the leaving the screen purple during the song.

But...what a show! It was worth the long wait. We've enjoyed the show from beginning till the end. See you soon Queen B!

With this beautiful weather and the holidays starting, it's a great tim efor mini beauty products. Estee Lader has launched a perfect service: The Mini Bar. I find it super handy to bring mini's with me on vacation. Or with extreme weather( like this  tasty hot weauther), when my skin needs  something extra. Especially the skin around my eyes.Estee Lauder Mini Bar

In the Estée Lauders Mini Bar you can find some of their new skincare products but also the classics. And for a nice price as well. My favorite: The ANR Eye + Mini Concealer. And the mascara. I don't need much more in the Summer. Side note; these mini's are a limited edition, so as long as the stocks lasts they're available. And the mini beauty products are delivered at your door for free!

Visit the Estée Lauder Minibar

Fashionweek: altijd een hoogtepunt in de fashion wereld. De internationale edities that is. En wat een spectaculaire locatie heeft FENDI voor haar show gebruikt; Het Trevi fontein in Rome! De Fall/Winter 16 Legends and Fairy tales show vond plaats na Paris Couture Fashion Week. De gasten werden in een privé jet overgevlogen vanuit Parijs naar Rome om het 90- jarige bestaan van het Italiaanse Modehuis te vieren.

Creative directors Fendi

Natuurlijk kan het ook bijna niet anders met creatief directeur Karl Lagerfeld en Sylvia Venturini aan het hoofd van het modehuis. Maar wat een idee. FENDI  heeft de renovatie van het wereldberoemde fontein gesponsord, dus hebben ze natuurlijk alle recht om daar hun prachtcollectie te laten zien.

Bella Hadid for Fendi

Fendi Legends & Fairy tales

Creativiteit viert hoogtij in de modewereld. Ik ben dol op alle bloemen die de schoenen van de modellen sieren. Echt, dit is een iconische show geweest! Zie hieronder de looks van de collectie.  Het thema: bloemen en een modern sprookje! Klik op de galerij om de foto's uit te vergoten. Picture Credit: Fendi