Pari Haute Couture Fashion Week is done, but I still enjoy some of the collections. Especially this one by Ralph &Russo. The details and colors: gorgeous! I can enjoy this all day, everyday. Fashion at its best is what is shown by Ralph & Russo. A must follow account for the fashion lovers!

Pastel and light colors are shown in this collection. And beautiful  intricate designs on the dresses. With a hint of dark pieces ofcourse.

Ofcourse I have my favorites ( the black see trough dress, the pink coat and almost every dress) but I would wear everything. What a great collection!

Picture Credit: Ralph& Russo

After all the dark lipstucks colors I wore and have, I realised I don't  any natural or pinks shades. Or natural, except for my lip balm. Pink lipgloss was always a huge addiction, so I think I got clean just fine ;) Only red or dark tinted colors are in my make up drawer. Mac cosmetics huggable glass iammode

I think a daily look should be finished with a light lippie. This color is gorgeous! It's 'such a sweetheart' and I think it compliments my skintone and the rest of my make up look. Mac cosmetics huggable glass

The Huggable Lipglass has a glossy finish, as it should. The texture is thick and creamy, without being sticky.  And like any other product of MAC Cosmetics, this lipglass also nourishes. So no dry lips.Huggable glass mac cosmeticsThe 'Huggable Glass' is a limited edition and comes in 10 beautiful shades and costs 21€.

Huge fashion trend this season: the bomber jacket. Comfort is key in this look, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be any color involved. The bomber jacket is here to stay and the floral version even more. This is also my favorite, because it's still edgy with a feminine twist.

lotw thabomb

Personally I love the the girlfriend/boyfriend jeans. These are more comfortable than the regular fit. I also have these Stan Smiths myself.  They're super comfy and not so obvious as the white version. And they go with almost everything. This look is also easily glamified by adding pumps and a clutch to the mix. This clutch by Kenzo is definitely on my wishlist. A great outfit of the day in which you can easily your look by adding different accessories. Perfect for the weekends of the after work drink.

The Look Bomber Jacket: Zara 49,95€ T-Shirt: H&M 9,95€ Jeans: G-Star 99,95€ Sneakers: Adidas 84,95€ Pumps: Pier One 39,95€ Clutch: Kenzo 159€ Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics 19,95€

For our first day of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam I had no idea what to wear. And ofcourse i just had the worst hair day ever. and I also had to think of an outfit last minute. But hey, I wouldn't be Dulce if I couldn't pop up an outfit out of nowhere right? be inspired iammode ootd

This coat by Ready to Fish is one of my latest additions to my closet. It's not the warmest coat, but I went to Fashion Week by car, so no problemo! I really wanted to add a classic camel coat to my collection and this one compliments the family perfectly. Be inspired ootd iammode

The shirt I'm wearing is so old, but perfect for these last minute decisions. We also had a business meeting for I AM Mode eralier so this look also worked for that appointment. Jeans are always a good idea to me. An dthese boots...Also one of the oldest members of my closet but one of my favorite sale bargains. Super fab and warm. And the hat well...Perfect for this bad hair day! ;) Be inspired ootd iammodeI also got snapped by Amsterdam Style Hunter. What do you think of Outfit of the Day for Fashion Week? iammode Style hunter

The Look: Hat: Topshop Coat: Ready to Fish Shirt: Topshop Jeans: H&M Boots: Rarma


One of my dearest friends is a make-up artist and recently started her own make up studio. Lola's Studio, In Amsterdam and I decided to visit this studio for I AM Mode. But ofcourse I couldn't say no to getting beautified by Lola!

But first I had to wait for my ibuprofen to kick in , because the flu has also reached me. Hence the yellow skincolor you see on my before picture below. beauty lola's studio iammode 5

Lola always looks stunning, like she's ready to go to a premiere.Actually she just looks like a celeb. When I'm with her, I'm always waiting for a paparazzo to jump up and scream'Lola, over here!'

She laughs when I tell her this. 'Hahaha no I'm not a celeb. BUT I always take pictures when I'm out and I think it's very important to look good. I mean, I'm an make-up artist, I'm my own business card, right?'

She starts by blow drying my hair and after that she's ready to beat my face. I know before I've stated that I'm not a true fan of contouring, but I'm more than happy to let Lola work her magic on me.

beauty lola's studio iammode

Step 1: Eyebrows and concealer. 'To me, it all starts with the eyebrows. With your eyebrows you can really give your face and especially your eyes an optical lift. I'm filling up your brows with a brow pencil, and I'm doing that in the direction of the hairs. To do the lifting, I really accentuate the top of the brow, especially your corner. Concealer is also important, to light up the dark circles around your eyes. And I also use it to shape up your brows, so they stand out more.' When I tell her that brows are the last step in my beauty routine( like in the train, tram or sometimes car) she gives me a very judgemental look. I try to send it of as a joke, but it's too late. 'You'll understand why you have to start with your eyebrows in a bit.'

Step 2: eyeshadow and eyeliner.

'For a daily look, I would go for a matte eyeshadow. There's no need for shiny eyeshadow during the day above your eyes. On your entire eyelid I use a darker brown shadow while in the middle and the inside corners of your eye I use a nude tone.' After this she starts with the eyeliner. 'There's an easy way to get the perfect winged eyeliner. First you draw a line against your lashes. Then, with your eyes open, you draw a line from the outer corner of your eye and connect with the one you drew against your lashes. The higher you draw that line, the more winged your liner will be. Important is to keep your eye open and not to pull up your eyebrow or whatsoever. Or else you won't get the desired effect.'

beauty lola's studio iammode lashes

Mascara 'After this she applies mascara and adds some extra lashes to the mix. Beneath your eyes you can add a liner with (dark)brown sparkly eyeshadow to make your eyes appear bigger. 'A thing I don't get is that people want their eyes to appear bigger, but don't use mascara on the buttom lashes. Do you do this?' I try to find my pokerface, but she sees right trough it. 'A well, for a daily look, it can be a bit overdone. But I love the overdone look!'

Step 3: Contour. 'I won't leave my house without a contour. It doesn't matter how good looking you are, but every face needs depth. And this is why you contour your face. And do you know why I've waited to do your foundation? When I'm doing your eye make-up, I rest my hand on your face. If I would've started with your foundation, I might have stained it. And that's something you really don't want. For the contouring I'm lighting up your nose bridge, forehead, above your lips and underneath your eyes. After this, I apply the foundation. Then I apply the dark contour cream form the contour kit. I apply this at the outside of your face, jaw and the sides of your nose. And key to a fab look is blending. If you want a less dramatic effect, you can use a powder contour instead of a cream contour. Blush and highlighter is also very important, apply these in a half moon shape from the side of your brows to your cheekbones. 'contour iammode

Step 4: lips. Ok this started out as a daily look, but for the lips we went for something a bit more extreme; the ombre lip. Lola showed how quick and easy it is to achieve this look. 'I start out with drawing the outside lines of your lips and on your lips. This also creates a good base for your lipstick and is a great way to make your own colors. After this, you fill in the middle part of your lips with a lighter color than the lipliner, in this case with a red one. I light gloss overall , fill in the corners and tadaaa: Ombre lips!'beauty lola's studio iammode3

I'm so happy with the results!lola's studio final

Lola used a mix of products of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Make-up Studio and MAC Cosmetics.

Tips & Tricks for the mommies. Ofcourse I'm loving this look but tbh, but I seriously don't have 45 minutes every morning for just my make-up. Normally it takes 10 minutes for me to fix my make up. But this shouldn't be an issue according to Lola. 'Just make sure your brows, concealer and blush are done. This is the most important base. And you'll get the hang of it if you practice a lot. It takes me 20 minutes to do my hair and make-up in the morning, with contour and all.'

Make an appointment! Lola's Studio is situated at the Zeilstraat 19 in Amsterdam. To male an appointment, you can call 06 31793580 or 020 341 8373. Full make up is from 30€ Make-up tips from 10€ Lash extensions 60 €

Check out her Instagram for more of her work. And for more information:

Sometimes you have those days that you do not want to get all dressed up like a doll before you go outside. I have too much of these kind of days tbh. But you really can get far with the sweatpants that you are wearing already, haha! So yes, the look of the week is this week all about the sweatpants. When you combine this with a plain top with a net blazer and black plain sneakers, then you can consider yourself ready for picking up your kids of school, for shopping or just ready for have a nice walk at the park. When putting together your outfit with the sweatpants, you should avoid busy prints. Casual friday? This is how you can rock the casual friday!

the sweatpantslook

Blazer - Topshop €79.95 Blouse - Versus Versace €189.95 Sneakers - adidas Originals €119.95 Sweatpants - adidas originals €64.95 Leather look jack – Topshop €79.95 Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana €199.95 Bucket bag - New Look €24.95

Yes you're reading it right; Barbie® comes with a new collection that appeals to a wider audience. Girls at an early age are  aware that there are different sizes, skin colors and styles. Therefore Barbie® introduces the Fashionistas® collection with three new body shapes: long, round shapes and small. Moreover, the new dolls have different skin colors, hair styles and outfits. In this way, the inspirational message 'You can be anything' that Barbie® wants to convey even more clearly in the world to all the girls. "We believe we have a responsibility to young girls and parents to give a broader view of beauty," said Evelyn Mazzocco, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager Barbie®.

The philosophy behind Barbie® as the creator Ruth Handler ever envisioned, is make it clear to all the girls that a woman always has choices. For example, in the past 57 years, Barbie® already made 180 different career moves. The new dolls are therefore a natural complement to Barbie's commitment to girls and show their parents that they have any choice to be later who they want to be - every profession, every style, every type of woman. "For over 57 years, Barbie is a reflection of an era whereby it until the day of the No. 1 today (fashion) and a global pop icon has remained," said Evelyn Mazzocco, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager Barbie®. "We are pleased to expand the range with these new dolls. The variety of body shapes, lengths, skin color and fashion styles gives girls better able to choose the doll that appeals most to them."


The new 2016 Barbie® Fashionistas® collection consists of four body types (the original and three new types), seven skin tones, eye colors 22, 24, her looks and countless on-trend fashion items and accessories. The new Barbie® Fashionistas® collection can be viewed via and is available from mid March 2016.

After the show of INKNI and Kaho-To, I was able to go backstage and interview Kaho-To. By the tame I was able to get backstage the models were changed in their own clothes already. Bummer. But the hair and make-up was still intact. Th models make up made them look a bit sick. But hey, if there were aliens crawling out of my body, I don't think would look that peachy either! The models with European hair had a messy wetlook updo. The ones with black hair..Well let me put it this way. When you're a model sometimes you have to do stuff that aren't good for your skin or hair(read: stylists using hot styling tools for example) but these models had pure hairspray in their hair! Rock solid. Very damaging for black hair and honestly people who know our kinda hair, would've never used this. But hey, the effect is spectacular! kaho to kleinWhile I'm waiting for Kaho-To, I got to chat withe models. They really enjoyed walking this show. But more important; the designs were comfortable to wear. It's cool to do shows, but it's even better if the designs are comfortable ofcourse. 

Kaho- To is  super cute! A really nice and smart designer. 'Transdimensional'  is his debute at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The collection is based on the movie 'Under the skin' and is about aliens taking over planet earth. Hence the black, burned material in the beginning of the show. The aliens can't stand our atmosphere.kaho to klein 2What makes you stand out from other designers in the Netherlands?   'I have a background in tailored made clothing, therefore my technique is very strong. I designed and made this collection myself. I think that, especially with suits, I can make a woman look very powerful. In this collection I've used male patterns and draped them on to the female body.I also think it's very important that a collection can be worn in different seasons.'kaho to klein3When I ask him why he only went for 12 looks he says: ' I created around 30 looks, but I didn't want to show everything at the same time. And sometimes it's better not to show everything in one collection. Not everything complimented the collection. Designing is a process, things change.' I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean HELLO if  a Valentino or Jean Paul Gaultier takes pieces out of a collection because Anna Wintour checks their collection inadvance, why wouldn't you? We need a Dutch Anna! ;)

I also appreciated the fact that such a young designer could show his vision this good with his collection. With the Fashion Lab shows I always find that a bit tricky. 'I see my colections being worn by powerwomen. Not necessarily as a whole, but seperate pieces. My designs aren't for everyday life. Well, actually they are, IF you're confident. The reason why my designs look masculine, is because I think comfort lies in menswear. And because fashion is becoming more unisex, this is also wearable day by day.'  

If we're lucky, Kaho-To's designs will be available in stores soon!

The last show on the fourth day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was the show of Tony Cohen. The most visited show I think, because the place was packed!

The collection mainly shows darl pieces with sometimes a hint of red. The accent of the womens collection, is on the waist. For the menswear Tony Cohen got his inspiration from the 80's. The silhouette is broad shoulders with tapered pants. This is a classic Tony Cohen collection; dark, wearable and designed for a broad audience.

Picture Credit: Team Peter Stigter

Oilily; a fun and colorful show on the fourth day of Merecdes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam!

Oilily  is a well known and established Dutch Brand. The collection is ready to wear, as expected from such a brand. This collection is inspired by different prints and colors from all over the world. The colors red, blue and green are shown in various sections, combined with grey during the show.  I personally thought the different color and material mixes worked great for this collection. And also to me, this was the show which showed the most diversity trough the models. This collection will appeal to a broad adience without being boring or basic. Job well done!

Picture Credit: Team Peter Stigter